Essay Test Series 2018

Essay Test Series 2018 (On Line  & Off Line both)

In New Pattern of IAS MAINS exam, the marks allotted for this paper has been increased from 200 to 250.Every Candidate has  to attempt Two essay ,one from each section.Essay has to be written in about 1000 words.Each essay carry equal 125 marks .

The focus of UPSC is on basic understanding of issues relevant for governance and their clear and crisp presentation in limited time.Although every paper marks are important but good marks in ESSAY always help to achieve high rank.Many student do not care for this part or take casual approach that results in very poor marks.even if you have done well in exam,poor essay marks may shatters your dream to appear in interview.

A typical essay UPSC asks candidates to write in the civil services Mains exam year after year is an expository or analytical one. Unlike literary essay which tend to be descriptive and narrative requiring candidate to explore his literary skills, analytical essays demand reasoning and logic well argued with the help of relevant evidences and examples.

What is aim of essay test series?

In an exam where one marks make difference of 10 rank in final list, importance of essay test writing practice increases.It is important as there is so much variation in essay marks.Every candidate in exam hall resolve that before  next mains exam he will do sufficient writing practice but due to other assignment he forget it.Even if he remember it,just practice one or two essay. Do writing essay test series will help?Definitely it helps even if question paper is like ias mains 2015.When you do writing practice ,your mind is prepared for making structure of essay,issues to be discussed ,context ,writing approach have not to think about this .you are already expert of these things. You have to just think about various related aspect of essay.

But whenever you write essay initially you should get checked by some experienced candidate/friends or some teacher at good should think about whether teacher is checking the write up seriously or not.Expert feedback is very important and it can really improve your marks. 2-3 essay checked thoroughly and if you implemented the feedback,later on you required to just interconnect the issue while writing essay.

What is the plan?

There will be Total 8 essay test. 4test will be conducted in Feb,March,April,May and rest 4 test will be conducted in Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov.Supplementary reading material will be provided.

Each essay will be thoroughly checked,detailed feedback will be given.

Parameter for checking will be

Approach to essay writing

Understanding the real issue/ topic

Context of the issue

Presentation skill

Interconnection among the issues

Basic aspect and current relevance.



Note :This test series is apart from from our Free ESSAY Writing Practice (IAS)-2016.






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