SAMVEG IAS’30Day Plan for UKPCS Prelims-2016

SAMVEG IAS’30Day Plan for Uttarakhand (UK) PCS Prelims-2016 Test

UKPCS prelims 2016 is scheduled on 29th January 2017.Every one is preparing for it .Uttarakhand Public service commission has conducted prelims in new format only once. The analysis of ukpcs-2012 prelims paper and other exam paper conducted by UKPSC  ,we can identify the core area’s like

  • Current affairs
  • Uttarakhand special
  • science and technology

These three topic will cover nearly 80-90 questions in prelims exam. we will post 10 question on every day related to these day we will provide  solutions of these question.The initiative will be free to help those student who want to join test series but could not join it.

DAY22                      UK ECONOMICS

DAY21                      UK GEOGRAPHY

DAY20                      UK HISTORY

DAY19                      UK SCIENCE

DAY18                      UK ECONOMICS

Day17          UKcurrent affairs

Day16          UKcurrent affairs

Day15          UKcurrent affairs

Day14          UKcurrent affairs

day13                                   current affairs

Day12                                current affairs of uk

Day11                                economy

Day10                             current affairs

Day9                                   current affairs

DAY8                                   CURRENT AFFAIRS

DAY7                                   CURRENT AFFAIRS

DAY 6                                UTTARAKHAND POLITY

DAY 5                                UTTARAKHAND GEOGRAPHY

DAY 4                                UTTARAKHAND HISTORY

DAYS3                              UTTARAKHAND CULTURE

Day2                      CURRENT AFFAIRS

DAY 1                            CURRENT AFFAIRS

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