UKPCS mains Test Series

UKPCS  mains Test Series

such a vast syllabus has been described by UKPSC for mains that a student not prepared very well will feel that  hamse na hoga itna. ukpsc has prescribe every minute aspect of topic so that you can not leave any part of syllabus(That means you have not to read any thing extra beyond syllabus).strictly follow the  the syllabus.

we are here to  make  small contribution with respect to how you simply and exactly deliver whatever you know.every one knows how much is important to do the writing practice. Since uk psc is conducting mains exam in this format (allGS) first time so every one is bothered what level/type  question paper they will ask.This is sure that they will not ask question at par UPSC .

Their questions will be a mixed bag of simple,moderate and some good question like upsc/ias. second challenge will be completion of paper within time.if you have practised  many good questions during your preparation stage ,you can easily manage the time,quality of answer in those three hours.

we are providing optimum number of 7 test (one test for each paper). seven test  only to reduce the cost of test series so that maximum number of student can join it.

Schedule of Test series


Fees is Rs. 3500/for 7test.

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