UTTARAKHAND GK/CURRENT AFFAIRS ON YOU TUBE and Insights through video for ukpcs and upsc ias is new initiative of SAMVEG IAS.Taking care of problems of students who do not have either the information or have wrong information.They want to know but do not know from where ,which is authentic source ,we are starting new video series .hope you will enjoy and learn the things!!!!

Choosing right and relevant material for ukpsc gk or current affairs for uttarakhand PCS or basic study material for ukpsc pre and mains exam is crucial aspect for preparation of ukpsc exam.Material related to ukpsc current updates,ukpsc current affairs ,ukpsc economics,ukpsc environment etc should be verified and authentic otherwise all efforts will be useless.

SAMVEG IAS is determined to provide free  good quality material on ukpsc exam on youtube.we need  your feedback and suggestions to improve it.

If you like our ideas ,our strategy and you want to connect with us ,like these videos ,comment on these and ask your query related to ukpsc exam for pre,mains,interview.




forest cover of uttarakhand as per isfr 2017|| उत्तराखंड वन क्षेत्रफल

How to prepare Indian Polity for UKPCS PRE

UKPSC Mains exam cut off Rule II UKPCS में विषयवार कट ऑफ का नियम

UKPSC MAINS EXAM PATTERN II उत्तराखंड मुख्य परीक्षा का पैटर्न

UKPCS Pre exam मे कितने मार्क्स चाहिए SELECTION के लिए



Everything About Uttarakhand PSC II उत्तराखंड लोक सेवा आयोग के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी

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