Uttarakhand (UKPCS) Current Affairs/ उत्तराखंड सामयिकी

Uttarakhand (UKPCS) Current Affairs/ उत्तराखंड सामयिकी

Importance of UTTARAKHAND(UKPSC) CURRENT AFFAIRS,UTTARAKHAND GK is continue to grow in recent exam conducted by Uttarakhand Lok seva aayog (ukpsc). In Ukpsc prelims no of questions from uttarakhand special is less in number,but current perspective of all topic mentioned in ukpsc mains syllabus  is growing.

whatever you are  writing in mains, if you put analysis of issue from current happening point of view  with supported data ,it makes your answer different from others. so keeping the significance of current events in mind choose the significant topics /material for preparation of ukpsc mains .

SAMVEGIAS.COM YOUTUBECurrent affairs magazines and other pdf document uploaded by samveg ias is absolutely free and covers only most important and relevent GK and curret happening in uttarakhand from various government reports,website and news sites. It requires lot of hard work and time to compile the material,so we request to all of you to use it most if you fount this UTTARAKHAND(UKPSC) CURRENT AFFAIRS,UTTARAKHAND GK relevant for your uttarakhand pcs preparation.


Current affair’s of Uttarakhand for ukpsc september 2018

Uttarakhand PCS (UKPSC) Current Affairs August 2018

Uttarakhand PCS (UKPCS)Current Affairs July 2018

Uttarakhand PCS (UKPSC) Current Affair’s June 2018

Current Affair’s of Uttarakhand UKPSC/UKPCS MAY 2018

Current Affairs for Uttarakhand (ukpsc/ukpcs) :April 2018

Current Affair for Uttarakhand PCS :March 2018

Economic survey of uttarakhand 2017-18

Uttarakhand Budget 2018-19 detailed analysis for UKPCS exam by samveg ias

Uttarakhand budget 2018-19 at a Glance 

Current affairs for Uttarakhand PCS :FEBRUARY 2018

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